Weight training is a great form of exercise for both men and women. Sadly, many women choose to avoid the weights section of the gym in favour of the section with exercise bikes, treadmills and rowing machines out of fear that lifting weights will make them look bulky and masculine. This could not be further from the truth. Weight training can help women to achieve the figure they have always wanted. Here are five reasons why women should lift weights.


1. Weight Training Helps to Improve Your Metabolism

When you lift weights, the muscles that you already have get stronger and your body gradually builds new muscles too. If you?re following a protein-rich diet such as the Paleo, diet then your body is getting the perfect fuels to become a lean and toned machine. You don?t have to worry about turning into the incredible hulk overnight, though. Bodybuilders invest years of intense, daily effort into lifting weights, eating a certain way and taking supplements to get their physiques. You will see very different results lifting weights a few times a week.


2. Weight Training Makes You Look Firmer and More ?Toned?

Women who lift weights and follow the Paleo diet tend to get lean and toned figures because their muscles get stronger and they lose the fat that covers them. That lean, athletic celebrity you love didn’t get that way by starving herself and running on the treadmill. She probably eats well and works hard in the gym.


3. Weight Training Improves Your Bone Density

Osteoporosis is a serious concern for women once they reach the menopause. It may not be something that you are concerned about now, but it is something that you can prevent. Lifting weights helps to increase your bone density, protecting you from broken bones both today and later in life. Take advantage of your youth and health and reap the benefits for many years to come.


4. Weight Training Makes Everything Else in Life Easier

Are you sick and tired of struggling with heavy shopping or having to ask someone else to help you move some furniture? The muscles you gain in the gym will come in handy for other parts of your life. Gym lovers call the strength to carry out day-to-day tasks “functional strength”, and that’s a great name for it. If you work hard in the gym, everything else life throws at you will feel easier.


5. Weight Training Takes Less Time Than Cardio

Why spend an hour on the treadmill or on the elliptical when an intense 30-minute weight training workout will offer the same feeling of satisfaction, and burn more calories throughout the day? Cardiovascular activity burns calories while you are doing it, and has some “after burn” too, but weight training builds muscles that burn calories day in, day out. Even when you’re just sitting around doing nothing. That’s not to say that cardio is a waste of time, as the heart health benefits do make it worthwhile, but weight training has its place too.