Benefits Of The Paleo Diet

Imagine you were a zookeeper who had the responsibility for feeding the animals such as lions and penguins. What would you feed them? Probably you would study what type of food animals like them ate in the wild .i.e. you would find out what their natural diet is. So, based upon your research you would feed fish to the penguins and meat to the lions, because this is their natural diet. It is what they would eat in the wild. It is their natural diet. It is the type of food that is best for them. It is the type of food that keeps them healthy, energetic, fit and strong.

You would not feed them bread or chocolate or biscuits or pasta – or any other types of foods which were not natural for them. Otherwise these animals would become unhealthy. In time they would become ill and die much sooner than normal.

So this raises the question: what would humans have eaten in the wild? What is the natural diet for humans. What type of foods should we be eating to keep us fit & healthy? What type of foods should we avoid eating?

So we need to find out what is the natural human diet. How do we do this? The answer is to study our hunter-gatherer ancestors or the Paleoplithic era e.g. we shoild study humans from 50,000 years ago. Compared to humans now, our hunter-gatherer ancestors of 50,000 years ago were on average taller, more muscular and leaner. Contrary to what many believe, our hunter-gatherer ancestors were stronger and healthlier than us today.

The Agricultural Revolution only began 10,000 years ago – a relatively short time compared to the 2.5 million years that humans have lived on earth. What effect has the last the Agricultural Revolution had on humans over the last 10,000 years? It’s only fair to say that there has been many positive outcomes, for example humans could sustain far more people which resulted in a huge population growth. Often getting a meal has been more predicatable and easier – no having to find and chase a deer and hope you can kill it for your dinner. Instead humans could go out to their field and pick their crop.

However, what effect has the  Agricultural Revolution had on the health of humans?

Paleo Diet Starters Guide

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