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The Paleo Recipe book will give you over 370+ simple, yet delicious paleo recipes. This is the most comprehensivepaleo diet book available. Pictures are provided for each recipes, with easy to follow instructions. The Paleo Recipe book is an ebook deliver straight to your inbox.. Included with your Paleo Recipe Book order is the Quick and Simple Paleo Meals cookbook, the 8 weeks meal plan, the herbs and spices guide and the Paleo Desserts cookbook for free. That’s a $70 value on its own, but today you don’t pay a single penny for it.

Understand the Paleo Diet in one easy book

What’s In It?

  • 395 pages which contain more than 370 recipes
  • 56 day meal plan
  • Paleo breakfasts, lunches, dinners & snacks
  • easy to prepare instructions
  • health, delicious, nuritious meals
  • Everything you need to start the Paleo Diet today
  • PC, Mac, iPad, mobile, Kindle friendly


[twocol_one] Why follow the Paleo Diet?

    • Effortless weight-loss
    • Constant energy
    • Restful Sleep
    • Acne free skin
    • Lean body
    • Good for your health
    • The natural diet for your body
    • Protects against chronic inflammation


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