How can the Paleo Diet benefit your health?

Tragically, today millions of people worldwide are suffering from man made diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc – nutrition diseases – that we can only really correct by changing what we eat. The paleo diet will not only help make you, slim, fit and healthy – but it will also help you treat a range of health problems. The food you eat on the paleo diet will the best medicine for your body.

Many health problems can be linked to a persons diet. If you eat food that is not natural for the human body, then there will be negative consequences.When people first choose to try following a paleo diet, they don’t all start for the same reasons. Some start because they want to lose weight, some want to have more energy for their gym workouts, some want to overcome a health problem, some have inflammation problems, some are suffering with acne, etc. They may start the diet to solve a specific problem, but what they all quickly discover is that following a paleo diet will improve their health & well-being across a wide range of areas – significantly improving their health and athletic capabilities.

By following a paleo diet you will be eating natural, unprocessed, healthy food – and as a result your health will improve.You will quickly start to see the following health benefits:


More energy – Paleo foods are anti-inflammatory and high in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.Eating food that is natural for your body, for your immune system, for your digestive system will mean less work for your body having to eliminate toxins and deal with inflammation, which will give you more energy.

Reduced body fat – the paleo diet is a great way to lose weight, shred body fat and get a lean, toned body.You really do start to notice your weight dropping and your body getting slimmer as you burn off stored fat, rather than relying on starchy carbs or sugar for your energy.

Better body composition – The food you put into your body effects the way you look. By choosing to eliminate junk food and instead eat high quality, clean food, then your body will look and feel better.

Clearer skin – evidence shows that your diet has an effect on your skin, with numerous foods triggering acne and other skin disorders. The paleo diet does not include many foods with a high glycemic load (GL), and foods such as bread, milk, cheese, potataoes and many refined sugars – which have been linked to skin problems such as acne.If you’ve got acne, you’ll see a difference in your skin if your switch to a paleo diet.

Less bloating – If you follow the typical modern diet which includes foods such as pasta, bread, rice, etc then there is a good chance you will suffer from bloating and possibly excessive gas.A wide range of factors can cause this whether it’s dairy, food intolerances, artificial sweetners or various intolerances to food. If you’re under any stress or anxiety then the symptoms will be worse. With a paleo diet and paleo lifestyle you will improve your gut health and you can often eliminate bloating.

Reduced allergies – huge numbers of people suffer from allergies such as hayfever.asthma, etc. On a paleo diet your are cutting out a lot of gluten and as a result many people have found their allergies either greatly reduced or even will disappear altogether.

Reduction in digestive problems – Huge numbers of people suffer from various digestive problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’S, bloating, painful gas, leaky gut – often caused from eating grains and dairy. With a paleo diet you will be removing the foods that most commonly cause problems, allowing your body to rest and recover from whatever symptoms those foods have been provoking.

Sleep better – You can achieve a deeper, more restful sleep when on the paleo diet, and is further enhanced when also following a paleo lifestyle.One of the main reasons you sleep better when you’re paleo is that due to avoiding lots of carbs such as pasta and bread – plus sugar, you will reduce blood sugar crashes.Food such as grains, legumes and dairy – all banned on the paleo diet – not only damage your insides but they also release cortisol . This is because these type of foods stress the body and your body’s response to stress is to release cortisol.This will have a negative impact on your quality of sleep.

Improved concentration – Eating a diet heaving in gluten can often make you suffer from what is often referred to as “brain fog” – which slows your thinking and makes concentration difficult to maintain. The food you eat effects your whole body, including your brain.A clean, healthy diet will sharpen your thinking.

Less headaches and migraines – These can be triggered by certain foods, for example caffeine can irritate your adrenal glands, which can often worsen such problems. Headaches are often caused due to gluten sensitivity which triggers inflammation in your body. “Nightshade” foods such as red pepper, tomatoes, white potatoes, paprika, etc contain glycoalkaloids which are toxins that can cause headaches and migraines.

Improved immune system, resulting in fewer colds and infection – The paleo diet can help boost your immune system. This is done by avoiding various foods such as sugar, which for example, when you eat sugar your immune system functions at approx 50% capacity for up to 5 hours. If you eat a typical modern diet e.g. low fat, high carbs such as with food like cereals, toast, yogurt or a granola bar at lunch, cookies for dessert at dinner, etc then your immune system could function poorly all day!

Better mood – you will feel happier – With the right foods, you can eat your way to happiness — or at least to feeling of happiness. Clinical studies have shown a link between food and the brain with 10 nutrients that can help overcome depression and improve your mood: zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, chromium, folate, iron, magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and calcium. The paleo diet includes quality ingredients which contain the required nutrients, which are often lacking in heavily processed foods.

Healthier hair – The paleo diet encourages you to eat fresh food, such as fruits, vegetable, meat, fish, etc – all containing lots of good nutrients in the form of various vitamins and minerals which are vital for maintaining healthy hair. If your diets is heavy in processed foods such as pasta, then your hair will not be getting the nutrients it needs. If your body lacks those nutrients your hair is one of the first places your body will draw them away from, since as far as your body systems are concerned, your hair doesn’t rank too highly.

Reduced joint & muscle pain – You diet can effect joint or muscle pain. If you are in pain when you move then your quality of life will be very poor. With a good diet you can help your body combat wear & tear and by avoiding inflammatory foods such and grains, sugar, legumes, etc you can further help protect your joints, tendons, muscles and bones.The paleo diet keeps you away from food with gluten, and gluten intolerance has been linked to arthritis.

Lower blood pressure -High blood pressure causes a frighteningly high number of deaths. Sadly, medications are often ineffective to treat it. By following the paleo diet and lifestyle you can naturally treat high blood prerssure. Keep in mind that our caveman ancestors would hardly ever have suffered from high blood pressure, because the food humans evolved to eat would help them avoid this sadly all to common heath problem.

Lower cholesterol – Thanks to the fact that the paleo diet is includes plenty of healthy fats from all the seeds and nuts that are being consumed while also being low in saturated fat due to the restriction of dairy and high-fat meat sources, this is also going to work to improve your cholesterol profile and help to reduce the risk of heart disease

Less inflammation – Chronic inflammation damages your body and long term can lead to serious health problems, illnesses and disabilities. The paleo diet help you fight chronic inflammation which is the cause behind most serious diseases – whether it be cancer, heart disease or conditions.The paleo diet is packed full of anti-inflammatory foods such as vegetables, coconut oil, protein, seafood, etc.

Better nutrient absorption – Not only will you be consuming more nutrients on the paleo diet, but you will also improve your digestive system resulting in better gut health which will increase nutrient absorption.

Fewer PMS problems – the paleo diet is very popular with women and many have noticed the benefit when it comes to reducing mensrtration problems such as PMS.

Increased bone density – the paleo diet is good for your bones. One concern to those new to the paleo diet is that they won’t get enough calcium and vitamin D, since they will be cutting out dairy and grains in their diet , and therefore their bone health will suffer. The reality is you will get more than enough vitamins & minerals such as calcium to keep your fight inflammation and keep your bones in tip top condition – helping to ward of problems such as osteoporosis

No blood sugar spikes – Blood sugar levels rise when you eat foods with easily accessible carbohydrates such as pasta to porridge. The resulting high blood sugar levels can increase the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. More noticeably, sudden blood sugar spikes may also make you feel sleepy when your levels return to normal.

Reduced stress – your diet can effect your stress levels. For example with a paleo diet you can help control your blood sugar imbalances and ensure you have sufficient nutrients which will help fight off stress. A good diet combined with a good lifetyle such as getting enough sleep, will all help you manage your stress and avoid associated health problems.

Chronic diseases are common in the western world

The paleo diet will benefit your health. It can make you less dependent on drugs to manage & reduce various diseases. People new to the paleo diet will feel many of the health benefits mentioned above, but it can have a far greater and deeper impact on your health when it comes to many serious – often debilitating health problems such listed below:

High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Chronic fatigue
Sinus infections
Multiple sclerosis
Lyme disease
Bipolar disorder
Celiac disease
Crohn’s disease
Acid reflux
Various cancers
……and many more.

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