Peter McAllister: Manthropology from Australian Broadcasting Corporation on


The book Manthropology by Peter Mcallister studies how in many ways modern man has declined compared to our ancient ancestors. It shows the effect that “civilisation” has had on us. The video above is in interesting talk and Q&A by the author and below is a quote from his website on the book:

Manthropology is a quirky, scientific look at a pressing modern problem—why are males today so pathetic? Drawing from archaeology, anthropology and evolutionary psychology, the author (a qualified palaeoanthropologist) confirms the awful truth: every man in history, back to the dawn of the species, did everything better, faster, stronger and smarter than any man today.

Watching the video reminded us of a quote by Erwan Le Corre of MovNat, from an interview he did with The Scotsman newspaper:

Erwan Le Corre
Today nobody needs to run – in fact nobody needs to walk. If we continue like this maybe in 200 years time people will say: ‘I heard my grandfather used to walk… and my father could stand up.