The Jawbone Medium UP Fitness Tracking Wristband is a powerful fitness aid that lets you see at-a-glance information about your activity level throughout the day. The Jawbone UP wristband is just one of many devices in a new wearable technology niche called the ‘quantified self’, and this niche is something that may be of particular interest to Paleo diet followers and others wanting to live an optimally healthy lifestyle.

The Jawbone UP is a wristband that you wear 24/7. The band can run for up to ten days between charges, and it contains a multitude of sensors that track your day-to-day activity levels and the quality of sleep that you get at night. In addition to the on-device sensors, which count steps travelled, distance moved, amount of time spent moving vs. time spent idle and calories burned, the Jawbone also comes with some software that lets you log the food and drink that you eat. You can scan barcodes for pre-packaged foods (although Paleo diet followers may not make much use of that feature) or you can browse the food library and enter recipes there.

As well as viewing the number of calories you have eaten, you can also keep track of fats, carbohydrates, protein, fibre, sodium and sugar, helping you to ensure that your diet is as nutritionally balanced as possible.

Tips and Reminders

One useful feature of the software is the Insight page, which provides visualizations that make it easy for you to understand the numbers tracked by the software. Not only can you see a breakdown of your activity, calories and sleep quality, but you can also view personalized recommendations to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Does Quantified-Self Tech Really Work?

The Jawbone Medium UP Fitness Tracking Wristband is just one of many quantified-self gadgets. There are many other gadgets, such as the FitBit and the Bodybugg, that offer similar or even more advanced tracking features. The question is, are these gadgets worth the investment?

If you are serious about fitness, and motivated enough to make use of the Jawbone UP and follow the recommendations it gives you, then the answer to that question is yes. The Jawbone UP will not make you stick to your Paleo diet or give you the energy to exercise if you are not motivated, but if you simply want a little reassurance that you are going in the right direction then it will give you that.

Tracking tools such as the Jawbone are great for people who are serious about fitness, and want to confirm that their training is working. If you are currently sedentary, then you don?t need a wristband to tell you that you will benefit from starting to exercise. However, if you are exercising already and would like to work out why you are struggling to lose those last five pounds, then the Jawbone could help you decide whether you would benefit more from increasing your exercise level or cutting some more calories. Information is power, but it?s up to you to put it to good use.