The average adult’s body is 60% water. The liquid in our body serves many purposes and dehydration can cause many health problems. We cannot survive more than a few days without taking in water and the signs of dehydration will likely start to appear during the first day of liquid deprivation.

Why Hydration Is Important

Staying hydrated is important for several of the body’s main functions. Sweat regulates our body temperature and we need liquids to help to flush toxins out of our system. Our brain contains a lot of water, as do our muscles. Moisture helps to protect our lungs, joints and important organs. Dehydration can cause your entire body to shut down.

Drinking pure, fresh water before a meal is a good way to increase your feelings of satiety, reduce your calorie intake and help to flush toxins out of your system. You should aim to drink five or six glasses of water per day and stay away from soda and alcoholic drinks as much as possible. Moderate intake of tea and filter coffee is all right and fruit juices can be a good drink too. However, you should remember that fruit juices are high in fruit sugar, which makes them calorie-dense and not ideal for people who are trying to lose weight. The Paleo diet encourages people to eat and drink only the simplest foods and liquids. Water is as pure as you can get.

Are Filters a Gimmick?

Many companies sell filters and purification systems which are marketed as being able to remove contaminants and make tap water safe to drink. In most parts of the world, your main supply of drinking water is already purified using a range of chemical treatments. Chlorination is a common form of purification, which can help to prevent the spread of a wide range of waterborne diseases. However, over-exposure to chlorine and the gasses that are produced as the chlorine breaks down in the air has been linked with many health conditions, including allergies, liver failure and cancer.

In addition to purification, many countries add fluoride to their water supply. This is a controversial move that was originally intended to improve the dental health of the population. Fluoride can help to prevent dental cavities, but there are many people, including Paleo diet followers, who are concerned that adding fluoride to the water supply might be dangerous. Excessive fluoride exposure can cause dental fluorosis, a condition which can damage tooth enamel. Dental fluorosis is becoming increasingly common in countries where fluoridation takes place.

Is Bottled Water Worth Buying?

One way to avoid the problems of chlorination and fluoridation is to buy bottled water. Unfortunately, not all brands of bottled water are as natural as they sound. Just because a brand of bottled water has a picture of a mountain on it, it does not mean that the liquid comes from that mountain. Some companies bottle tap water and try to sell that! Do some research on each brand before you settle on one to drink.